Business restructuring in time of COVID-19 | Dr. Gunnar Binnewies — What the Future Ep 43 (DE)

In this episode, together with Dr. Gunnar Binnewies, Head of Workforce Restructuring and Head of Corona Crisis Center at goetzpartners Management Consultants we discussed business restructuring at the time of COVID-19. You will get the answers on the biggest threats for businesses today, how to compete independently of Corona, the steps of restructuring, and how to capture the trends and skills to Big Data analytics.

00:01 Acquaintance
00:35 Introduction to the topic
01:04 goetzpartners’ role and goals
01:55 Questions must be asked by business in the time of Corona
03:11 New digital opportunities for business
03:45 The biggest threats & chances for business today
04:46 Important steps of restructuring
08:12 How to coordinate / control the “ever-moving” target
09:43 23% of companies have undergone 10+ transformations in the last 10 years
10:55 Why a new CEO should not explain the past but foresee the future
11:45 The role of Big Data in the business transformation

*The interview was held in German