Top 5 soft skills – What the Future Ep 40

Today we want to talk about some of the skills that would make you or your employees future-oriented and how HR can support their employees to acquire these skills. Dive into a forecast of the 5 SOFT SKILLS that reduce the risk of being replaced by a machine and make yourself attractive to employers.

0:47 Skill Nr 1: Communication
1:09 Skill Nr 2: Innovative thinking and creativity
1:22 Skill Nr 3: Active learning
1:41 Skill Nr 4: Emotional intelligence
1:59 Skill Nr 5: Judgment and decision making
2:23 How to support the employees in acquiring future skills?
2:32 Step 1: Communication strategy
2:47 Step 2: Investment in training and development
2:56 The best solution for your business: Closing the skill gaps
3:20 Spoiler: AI-driven Big Data approach #smartPeople
3:23 Conclusion

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By the way, at the end of 2019, we made a prediction on the major trends & topics that will occupy the HR scene in 2020. Proof if it came true!