Humanization against Digitalization of work? – What the Future Ep 32

40% of today’s jobs will disappear – does it sound familiar?  Technology has always changed the way we work. While there is, of course, some truth behind it, let’s emphasize some amazing aspects of continuous change of work!

1. Your soft skills will matter a lot in the future of work
2. You’ll have incredible tech by your side
3. There will actually be more jobs to choose from and more chances to change career paths
5. Remote work will become the rule, not the exception
6. You will be less dependent on your formal education to find the job you love
7. Employees and the public will demand corporate social responsibility
8. A job will become more than “just a job”.

So, since the focus is so much on human traits of work now. We should not call it the digitalization of work but the humanization of work instead.

What are your ideas on this?